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 Burial services and more in Cincinnati, OH

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Preparing for ground burial is tough enough without having to worry about the details. At Vine Street Hill Cemetery Association, in Cincinnati, OH, our team is dedicated to making sure that your plans are carried out with no invasion of your privacy. We respect each and every situation, and as such, will never allow our team to have an intrusive presence on your ground burial ceremony. Above all, we will treat your situation with respect, honor, and discretion.

Plot preparation

Vine Street Hill Cemetery Association in Cincinnati, we work with all the funeral homes in our area (and even those who are not local) to make sure that your ground burial service is carried out with precision. Our yearly floral service is a wonderful way to show the respect and kindness that our departed loved ones deserve. We respect your time, and we value the dignity of those being laid to rest. At Vine Street Hill Cemetery Association, you'll find no surprises, or unprofessional behavior. We're here to honor your traditions and help you with plot preparations.
Ground burial services in Cincinnati, OH
Ground burial services in Cincinnati, OH

Burial services

Everyone has their own ground burial traditions. At Vine Street Hill Cemetery Association, we're here to  honor those traditions, and to facilitate them. When you entrust us with carrying out the services for your loved ones, know that we'll respect your wishes, your traditions, and your privacy. Whether you need to lay to rest an adult or child we have a special space available in our mausoleum, columbarium and companion niches. You can count on us to be there for you and your burial service needs. We also offer varied payment plans.

Grounds keeping

You may wonder, "what happens next?" At Vine Street Hill Cemetery Association, our focus is providing you a worry, free place to remember your dearly departed in a setting that is free of worry. We take immense pride in the consistency of our grounds. Our goal is to allow you time to remember your loved one without you having to worry about the state of the property. We're here to help you. Families taking interest in the cemetery only makes our employees work harder for you.
Ground burial services in Cincinnati, OH


Both fresh and artificial flowers are permitted throughout the year; however, any arrangements not placed in a permanent cemetery vase or arrangements on easels will be removed when the trimmers and mowers begin work within each section. Arrangements placed in a permanent cemetery vase are removed twice a year as part of general cemetery clean up. The removal dates are February 1st through February 15th and October 1st through October 15th. Should you wish to keep an arrangement, you must pick it up before the 1st of the above two months. New arrangements should not be placed until after the 15th of the above two months.

Due to the possible damage of cemetery equipment, injuries to employees and those visiting, and the labor cost of removing these items prior to mowing and trimming; we discourage stuffed animals, Mylar balloons, any glass, or ceramic vases, candles, metal or wooden stakes holding decorations and any plastic decorations placed on the graves. In addition to the added labor to remove these items could result in higher cost to our Families.

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