for your peace of mind

Our staff is here to assist you in a number of ways.

When you visit, we want you to feel connected to the space as a reminder of the one you are visiting.

Working closely with family members, and your Funeral Home of choice, the Vine Street Hill Cemetery staff will help you decide on the final resting place of your loved one. We can offer sections dedicated to those who served in the military or sections to commemorate those who were in law enforcement or were first responders. You may prefer a secluded glade in Mueller Heights or one of the many hillside views of the surrounding St. Bernard area.

We can accommodate not only ground burials, but also cremation niches, lawn crypts, or mausoleum crypts. There are additionally a limited number of areas still available that can accommodate upright monuments on a family lot. Please set up an appointment with our internment department to view these areas.

We offer our families many memorialization options. We pride ourselves in partnering with industry leaders in granite and bronze work. Please call us to set up a time for a design meeting or a general consultation. Call us today at (513) 281-1035.

With many of our records going back to the mid 1800’s, we offer genealogical research of family members at rest here. We also can assist visiting family members in locating their loved ones resting place within the cemetery grounds. We can generate physical maps of grave locations and are working toward digitized geolocation of our records. If you would like to be accompanies to a loved one’s grave, please call the office and schedule a visit to ensure the staff is available. If your loved one does not currently have a memorial for their site, we can flag their location prior to your visit. Please call reception 48 hours prior to your visit to have a gravesite flagged. To better serve you, we will need a minimum of the full name of the deceased along with an approximate date of death.

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